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Landscape Lighting

Beautiful Landscape Lighting Installation

Each of our design build jobs are uniquely enhanced when outdoor landscape lighting is incorporated. Illuminating new landscape features creates a stunning impression for you and your guests. Let Phoenix Valley Landscaping do you Landscape Lighting Installation in Phoenix area just in time for those weekend parties.

Lighting techniques and styles are chosen by the homeowner or property manager once our designers present different lighting options. Below are several exterior landscape lighting options:

  • Path Lights
  • Spot – Flood Lights
  • LED Landscape Lighting
  • Step and Deck Lighting
  • In Ground and Well LIghting
  • Solar Lighting
  • Outdoor fixture Lighting
  • Rope Lighting


Outside Lighting

Outside Lighting

Outside Lighting

Outside Lighting

Landscaping Plants For Phoenix | Landscape Pots Ideas in Phoenix – Phoenix Valley Landscaping

Pots & Plants

Pots and Plants make a huge difference in the overall landscape design of your home or office. Let our expert landscape designers help you add the finishing touches to your install. There are hundreds of plants and shrubs to choose from. If you need Landscape Pots Ideas in Phoenix look no further than Phoenix Valley Landscaping.

Our Residential landscape team will guide you through the variety of plant, shrub and flower options that suit your design aesthetics and environmental conditions. We can show you how using landscaping plants in your design can save water and be little to no maintenance. By using Palm Trees in your design you can save water, create shade and give your yard a tropical look.

Our promise is to provide excellent service and care. We want our final landscape designs to express that long after we have left your home or community after planting.

Want to add more to your planting and landscape design? Ask our designers how we can incorporate boulders and rocks, as well as exterior landscape lighting to make your home, office, or public space truly spectacular!


Xeriscape Landscaping Ideas Phoenix – Phoenix Valley Landscaping


We Are The Team to Help You Create The Ideal Arizona Xeriscape

Phoenix and the surrounding area has a very dry, low rainfall climate. This makes for the perfect location to install xeriscapes.

What is an Xeriscape?

An Xeriscape is a form of landscaping design and build the relies on little to no irrigation. The most notable aspect of an xeriscape is its a way to conserve water where the resources are limited, through a very thoughtful landscape design. The possibilities of designs for xeriscapes are vast. Utilizing drought resistant plants that are native to the local area help improve the lively-hood of all xeriscape landscapes.

Why we suggest an Xeriscape:

Arizona is known for it’s desert conditions and limited water supply. Xeriscapes are an incredible way to conserve water. Plants found in xeriscapes require very little water to thrive in a desert climate. They are resilient to the dry conditions and limited rainfall.  Limited maintenance is also a major advantage to using Phoenix Valley Landscaping’s xeriscape design services. Most xeriscape plants are self-sustainable and require very limited landscaping care after installed.

Fertilizers and Pesticides are also considered a thing of the past when considering the installation of an xeriscape. Since most of these plants are native to the area, they have the ability to fight off disease naturally.

Its no wonder xeriscapes are a perfect choice for Arizona. They maintain a beautiful look, and add value to any landscape design throughout the year. Support the local habit and consider an xeriscape for your home or office landscape design.


Below are a few examples of Flowers, Shrubs and Trees that work well in an Xeriscape:

Perennial Flowers
Arizona columbine
Baby’s Breath
Blue pineleaf beardtongue
Lamb’s Ears
Annual Flowers
Desert Dragon
Desert PeaGanzania
Mexican Sunflower
Pentas New Look
Portulacca Sundial
Red Plume Blanket
Rose Campion
Vinca Passion
Succulents (flower color)
Aconium floribundum – yellow
Aloe aristata – orange-red
A.saponaria – orange to pink
A. vera – yellow
Bulbine cuulescens – lemon
Crassula falcata – deep red
C. multicava – pink
Delosperma cooperi – purple
D. nubigenum – golden yellow
Echeveria elegans – pink
E. imbricata – orange-red
E. pulvinata – red
E. Set-oliver – red and yellow
Kalanchoe pumila – lavender
Lampranthus productus – purple
L. aurantiacus – orange
L. spectabilis – pink, red, purple
Smoke tree
Washington hawthorne
Japanese black pine
Fragrant zumac
Mountain currant
Witch hazel
Rugosa roses
California lilac
Bottle Tree
Gray Birch
Common Pater Mulberry
European Hackberry
Monterey Cypress
Osage Orange
Common Olive
White Poplar
Black Locust
Siberian Elm
Gray Dogwood
Amur Maple
Succulents (leaf color)
Aconium arborium – green
Cotyledon orbiculata -gray- green, red-edged
Crassula argentea – ‘Sunset’, yellow, tinged red
C. ‘Campfire’ – green, turns orange-red with maturity
Dudleya brittonii – chalky blue
Echeveria agavoides ‘RubyLips’
– green, tips reddish brown
Kalanchoe pumila – lavender
Sedum adolphii – orange,bronze
S. rubrotinctum ‘Aurora’ – pink to bronze
Sempervivum tectorum – gray green, tipped reddish brown Senecio serpens – blue-gray
S. mandraliscae – blue-gray


For additional information on Xeriscape Landscaping contact Phoenix Valley Landscaping Today. Click here to send us a message.

Disease Control Treatment in Phoenix | Weed and Disease Control – Phoenix Valley Landscaping

weed and disease controlr by Phoenix Valley Landscaping

Weed and Disease Control Treatment in Phoenix

Keeping your Plants, Shrubs, Trees, and Grass Free of Weeds and Disease

Keeping weeds under control is a priority in maintaining any landscape. Weeds kept to long have negative impacts on your plants and greenscapes. Weeds can quickly take over and compromise other plants in the surrounding area. Weeds take nutrients, sunlight and water away from other plants, shrubs, trees, flowers, and grass.

Phoenix Valley Landscaping uses pre-emergent herbicides to prevent weeds from germinating and  post-emergent controls. Contact us for more information and on fertilization and weed treatment options.

Disease Control

A very important component to a healthy landscape is keeping disease away from your plants, trees, shrubs and flowers. we specialize in Disease Control Treatment in Phoenix , when left untreated can spread at a rapid rate. We are a pro-active company and will do our due-diligence to inspect and encapsulate any disease ridden plants or trees we may find on your property. There are some environments that are prone to insects and disease so we monitor those areas closely with the homeowner or property manager. Lawn disease treatments are separate from fertilization and weed control, and usually require only one or two applications to be highly effective.

Looking to hire an expert in Landscape Design, Maintenance, and Treatment-Call or email us today!

Professional Landscaping Services Phoenix Valley – Phoenix Valley Landscaping

Landscape-Maintenance by Phoenix Valley Landscaping

Phoenix Valley Landscaping Offers Dedicated and Professional Landscaping Services throughout the Phoenix Valley.

We offer a pro-active approach and staying ahead of any potential problems. Our business is dedicated to providing superior service and professionalism. We offer open communication between our landscaping experts and customers. Expect no surprises when you work with Phoenix Valley Landscaping. We let you know what we are doing, when we are going to do it, and the results that should be expected.

Customized Services for Residential Landscaping Accounts:

  • Landscape Design and Installation
  • Xeriscapes
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Pots and Plants
  • Gardens
  • Weed and Disease Control
  • Turf and Grass Management
  • Irrigation & Sprinkler Services
  • Hardscapes
  • Tree and Shrub Care – Installation, Pruning, and Removal