Dead Tree Removal using a boom extension truck by Phoenix Valley Landscaping


Our crew at Phoenix Valley Landscaping showcased their tree cutting techniques this week to remove an oversized  dead tree in a central Phoenix front yard. The tree was roughly 120 feet tall  and required our top of the line equipment, and manpower for removal. However, our boom truck was no match for our talented tree climbers who had the limbs removed in a flash.

We set a high standard on safety too. We also ensure the homeowners, their belongings, and our crew members safety is never compromised during the tree removal process.

Tree Removal Cleanup

Our tree removal service isn’t completed until all wood and debris is cleaned up and mulched into reusable wood chips. We also provide stump removal services and reseeding of the area.

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Landscape Drainage Solutions Phoenix – Phoenix Valley Landscaping

Drainage by phoenix valley landscaping

 Landscape Drainage Solutions

Drainage Solutions for the Phoenix Valley

The Phoenix Valley is flat and the ground soil is is very dense, making it difficult to absorb water.  When there is higher than average rain, or flooding, drainage problems can occur. Many of the potential drainage issues from excessive water can be resolved by landscape design and landscape drainage solutions.

The best solution to drainage can be solved by re-purposing the extra runoff water. Natural irrigation can aid in plant growth without drowning out or causing swamp area to rise.

Seek a Drainage and Landscape Expert for Water Solutions

Our residential landscape and commercial landscape professionals at Phoenix Valley Landscaping have expertly trained knowledge on water solutions including drainage and irrigation services. Our specialist will meet with you to observe your property and drainage problems. Our thorough audit will pin-point where the drainage problems are originating from and we will present a design plan to fix the issues. And for the bonus, the excess water will be re-purposed for other areas of your property where water is limited.

Landscape Drainage Services Include:

  • Surface drainage services
  • Underground drainage services
  • Resolving drainage issues by increasing or decreasing the height of garden beds and surfaces
  • Planting of flowers and shrubs that are resilient to high/low water consumption

Have Drainage Problems?

Ground water can also play an important role in drainage, and it is directly related to rainfall patterns. In the low lying areas of the South, the water table can be just inches below the surface. Such conditions create all sorts of problems for construction and limit planting options.

Rainfall is the periodic catalyst that sets drainage problems in gear. Where heavy downpours are common, poorly drained sites can become flooded for a short time if drainage structures are in place, or extended periods if they are not. Add heavy rainfall to a high water table and the potential for damage increases exponentially.

Contact Phoenix Valley Landscaping Drainage Experts to help with all your commercial landscape needs.


Weed Control Management | Weeds Control Services in Phoenix – Phoenix Valley Landscaping

Weed Management

Weed Control Management Services

Weed Control Management

Phoenix Valley Landscaping has an array of commercial weed control services for our clients. Our expert technicians have the knowledge and tools to keep your beds and turf areas clear of weeds and aggressive plants. We execute a pro-active landscape management approach and will provide recommendations on per-emergent treatments and applications for weed control.

Landscape Satisfaction Guaranteed

A customized weed control and landscape management program will help keep your commercial property or residential landscape looking clean with great curb appeal. Our dedicated service landscape technicians will ensure that you are aware of the treatments and chemicals used for all weed control application plans. PVL will ensure you are 100 percent satisfied with the results of all services.

When you’re looking to maintain a large commercial property, Phoenix Valley Landscaping is the best choice for all you’re landscaping management needs. Speak to one of our trained landscape professions today for an estimate.

Our Promise

All granite areas, shrub beds, planters and ground cover areas to be free of weeds and grasses by post-emergent herbicides or manual removal.

Pre-emergent herbicides to be applied semi-annually to prevent the germination of weeds and grasses.

Application of granular fertilizer on an as-needed basis.



Turf Management

services-commercial-turf-managment-by Phoenix Valley Landscaping

Phoenix Valley Landscaping can Deliver Professional Turf Management and Lawn Care Services

Looking for a durable, long-lasting solution for your lawn care? Phoenix Valley Landscaping provides top quality, professional commercial turf management services. We can provide a low-maintenance solution for our customers.
Artificial lawns provide the best synthetic grass solutions. Synthetic turf gives the appearance of real grass but requires little to no maintenance. Enjoy year-round green turf without any brown or bare spots.

Commercial Turf Management

Our expert landscapers will install and your synthetic grass and provide on-going professional landscape management services. We assign a dedicate account manager to oversee all aspects of your commercial landscape needs.

Commercial Landscape Clients

We work with a variety of commercial clients including:

  • Business and Office Parks
  • Apartment Buildings Home Owners Associations (HOA’s)
  • Supermarkets
  • New Home Construction
  • Public Parks City
  • Municipal Spaces
If you are looking for new installation or continual maintenance, choose the experts at Phoenix Valley Landscaping. Contact us today for more information on our commercial turf and landscape management services.

Commercial Irrigation Management Services Phoenix – Phoenix Valley Landscaping

Irrigation Management

Commercial Irrigation Management Services

Irrigation Management

Phoenix Valley Landscaping Irrigation Management Services, provides professional irrigation technicians who will supply a property assessment and and recommendations for Irrigation improvements.

PVL works with large and small commercial properties including businesses, apartments, HOAs, public facilities, and more. Our goal is to maintain a sustainable ecosystem of plants, grass, and foliage with expert installation and use of irrigation systems. Our irrigation and landscape experts provide an initial assessment of your current irrigation and sprinkler systems. Recommendations to current water system will be presented to property manager, maintenance and regular audits are provided. We will also work with property managers to execute the installation of a new irritation system if one is not present.

Irrigation Management Benefits

  • Smart controllers help conserve water usage
  • Budget conscious
  • Healthier plants, flowers, and grass
  • Saves watering time / cuts back on labor hours
  • Reuse of excess groundwater
  • Low-maintenance
  • Sustainable
  • Reliable and regular care for landscape investments
  • Improve the look of your property and add value

Irrigation Management Services Available:

  • Installation of new irrigation systems or repairs to any existing irrigation systems.
  • Regular monitoring and adjustment of irrigation systems as needed. Irrigation controllers are precisely programmed according to seasonal needs and to accommodate the needs of the property.
  • Inspection of the entire irrigation system for proper operation. All drip system hardware, where accessible, are inspected monthly for proper operation.
  • Contractor will chart the common area irrigation water usage on a monthly basis to assist the property manager/owner in accurate budgeting.
  • Phoenix Valley Landscaping will provide audits and reporting to property managers as a pro-active approach to lawn care and irrigation management.

Irrigation Scheduling

Scheduling proper irrigation levels and  irrigation times is key to the most proficient irrigation management process. Taking accurate measurements of soil moisture aides in determining when water is needed and how much water is required.  Phoenix Valley Landscaping utilizes current technology to provide accurate reporting to determine how to install and regulate irrigation systems, specific to each property.  This method conserves water and maximizes the net return on your water usage. Regular monitoring of soil saturation and water utilization reports are created and shared with property managers on a per-determined basis.

Learn More about Irrigation Management and Commercial Landscape Services. Click here to contact our landscape technicians.

Disease Management

services-commercial-disese-control by Phoenix Valley Landscaping

Disease Management Services: Keeping your Plants, Shrubs, Trees, and Grass Free of Disease

Disease Control

Phoenix Valley Landscaping knows its extremely important to keep disease under control in your plants, trees, shrubs and flowers. Our staff does their due-dilligence to rid any signs of disease in your plants. We are pro-active and inspect and encapsulate any disease ridden plants or trees we may find on your property.

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Commercial Landscape Management Phoenix – Phoenix Valley Landscaping

Landscape Management

Commercial Landscape Management

Phoenix Valley Landscaping Offers Dedicated and Professional Commercial Landscape Management Services throughout the Phoenix Valley.

We offer a pro-active approach our our landscapemanagement services. Taking the lead and staying ahead of any potential problems. Our business is dedicated to providing superior service and professionalism. We offer open communication between our landscaping experts and property management. Expect no surprises when you work with Phoenix Valley Landscaping. We let you know what we are doing, when we are going to do it, and the results that should be expected. Our account managers then share that information with the property management group on a weekly or monthly basis as decided in initial account set-up.

Customized Services for Commercial Landscape Accounts:

  • Site Specific Plans
  • Site Assessment and Landscape Recommendations
  • Weekly, Monthly and Yearly Service Schedules Determined
  • Quality Inspections on Regular, Predetermined Schedule
  • Pest and Disease Control Advice
  • Shared Reporting Tools between Account Manager and Property Manager
  • Monthly Budgeting and Detailed Work Progress
  • Digital Photographs to Record the Sites Potential Problems or Risks and Improvements

We offer commercial, industrial, retail, and HOA landscape maintenance services in the following cities/townships:

• Fountain Hills, AZ
• Apache Junction, AZ
• Carefree, AZ
• Cave Creek, AZ
• Chandler, AZ
• El Mirage, AZ
• Guadalupe, AZ
• Paradise Valley, AZ
• Sun City West, AZ
• Sun Lakes, AZ
• Surprise, AZ
• Youngtown, AZ
• Casa Grande, AZ
• Florence, AZ
• Coolidge, AZ
• San Tan, AZ
• San Tan Valley, AZ
• Phoenix, AZ
• Tempe, AZ
• Glendale, AZ
• Scottsdale, AZ
• Avondale, AZ
• Peoria, AZ
• Litchfield Park, AZ
• Goodyear, AZ
• Buckeye, AZ
• Mesa, AZ
• Gilbert, AZ
• Queen Creek, AZ
• Laveen, AZ
• Anthem, AZ
• Sun City, AZ
• Tolleson, AZ

Looking to get started with a professional commercial landscape management company? Contact us today for more information.